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4 Tips for Selecting the Best Wine

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Do not find yourself lost in the Wine isle right before your big social event, or your evening with that special someone. Spend that crucial time making sure everything else is just perfect. However, if you do, read below for my 4 favorite tips for selecting the best wines.

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1) Ask for help. Look for a store with employees that love wine and can actually help you. The best stores are staffed by people who are able to answer all your questions about how to pair wine with your upcoming dinner parties, intimate events, or simply by personal preference.

2) Take pictures of the wines you have tried and liked so you can find them again in the future. If you cannot find it again for whatever reason, be sign-savvy, and look for those little signs on the wine shelves called "shelf talkers". The best ones are hand written. Those typically are staff favorites whom are kind enough to point you in the right direction.

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3) Let someone else do the hard work for you! There are a lot of really great wine clubs out there, and you can try those, but where else will find a club that hand selects premium wines from all over the world, ships it directly to you, then replaces any wines not perfectly to your satisfaction, at no extra charge?

Reach out to me, for a VERY LIMITED time, I have been given few extra codes to enjoy VIP access to the Wine Club I currently recommend.

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4) Be as specific as you can. Saying "I'd like a medium priced Chardonnay" could mean wines ranging anywhere from $5 dollars a bottle to $500 or more. Both are risky! To increase your odds of selecting the right wine, describe the last bottle of wine you had and what you did and did not like about it. Do not forget to mention what you plan to cook that evening, or as a last resort, try to Google it.

No matter how you end up selecting your wines for your upcoming event, make sure you have a great evening, make your moments memorable, and enjoy the time you carved out to be with others, the best ever.

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Let's all go buy a bottle, and drink to that.. together.

Your partner in Wine,

Lady M

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